Thank you

From the depths of our hearts, we want to express our profound and overflowing gratitude to each and every one of you who embarked on journeys from every corner of the globe to celebrate and dance with us on our wedding day. Your presence transformed that day into pure magic, and we are humbled and beyond grateful for the role you played in this beautiful chapter of our lives. The love and support you showered upon us have filled our hearts with immeasurable joy, and we find ourselves constantly reminded of the incredible people who surround us. We can’t wait for the many more love-filled moments we’ll share together in the future.

Thank you, from the very core of our souls, for being an integral part of our unique love story.

Unfortunately, we cannot overlook the events that unfolded in Israel since October 7th. 
We hope that the images and videos we share will serve as a means for you to momentarily escape from these challenging times and transport you back to a period when life felt simpler and more joyful. Together, let us join in prayer for improved and brighter days ahead.
May the year 2024 bring peace and good health to each and every one of us. 

Wedding Pictures and Videos by People Photography


Here you can find the pictures from our unforgettable days. 

Feel free to save and relive the magical moments with us.
We hope these pictures bring a smile to your face, just as your presence warmed our hearts.


The Wedding


Special thank you

Liraz, Roni, Daniella and Lilach, our heartfelt appreciation goes to you for turning our dreams into reality.
Your creativity, attention to detail, and tireless efforts have transformed our special day into a seamless and magical celebration.
Thank you for orchestrating every element with precision and for ensuring that our wedding day surpassed all expectations.